Healthcare and Hospitals

City Twinning : Coimbatore, India – Esslingen, Germany

Esslingen Coimbatore Association (Esscom) is found under the Societies Act, 1975 to facilitate the twinning between both the cities and was found in Nov 2008.


The healthcare sector of Coimbatore region is technology driven and ever expanding led successfully by young and experienced medical practitioners. Most hospitals are governed and run by industrialists and corporates. One can see their active participation and funding for medical camps.

Multispecialty centers with competent technical expertise provide excellent professional care and healing to people. Paramedical assistance and emergency procedures are streamlined making them accessible for all.

Hospitals provide free medical aid for the poor and actively organize medical camps and tours in villages around Coimbatore. The Government run hospitals and Primary Health Centers offer free surgical treatments. Partnership of social organizations and private sectors with government hospitals have led to technical advancement and infrastructure development.

While Coimbatore is famed for reconstructive surgery and gastroenterological centers, Dental Care is at par with international standards. Eye care is another major feather in its cap with leading and established Eye Care Hospitals offering advanced treatments and top-in-line treatment facilities and also conduct camps across the nation.

The century-old Ayurveda and Siddha practices still exist to heal people naturally with no side effects. These hospitals are of central focus for people worldwide looking for an all-natural method of cure for their long-term ailments or rejuvenating treatments leaving them stress free and resurrecting their inner self.