Fine Arts

City Twinning : Coimbatore, India – Esslingen, Germany

Esslingen Coimbatore Association (Esscom) is found under the Societies Act, 1975 to facilitate the twinning between both the cities and was found in Nov 2008.


Literature, arts, craft, music, dance, and theatre are given equal priority in Coimbatore. There is no singular art form observed though people are inclined more towards traditional art forms rather than modern.

Art lovers flock to art galleries in the city that encourage budding artists and exhibit renowned artists’ masterpieces regularly. To nurture the artistic senses of Coimbatoreans, a few art aficionados and entrepreneurs initiated exclusive Fine Arts schools specializing in various art forms, not forgetting western. Kasthuri Sreenivasan Culture Centre is one such renowned gallery that promotes art and upcoming artists.

Carnatic music and dance forms have always been a part of a typical South Indian childhood. Coimbatore has played a significant role in arousing and sustaining the interests of Carnatic music among other Tamilians worldwide. Hindustani and Western Classical Music have also become a part of performing arts in this culture-rich city. Dedicated organizations, clubs and committees are formed to support the interests of music, and regular theatrical performances are organized to promote music.

Like Carnatic music, Classical dance is a widely accepted dance form among native Coimbatoreans. Several performances are organized throughout the year. The eagerly awaited program- Natyanjali adds life to the colorful Perur temple festival. The inter-school performances last for a week. The city also has trained Salsa, Western, Hip-hop and other dance form enthusiasts with more and more youngsters joining in for recreation and fitness rolled into one.

Other art forms such as mural art and stone carving have also found a place in this city that exudes warmth.