City Twinning : Coimbatore, India – Esslingen, Germany

Esslingen Coimbatore Association (Esscom) is found under the Societies Act, 1975 to facilitate the twinning between both the cities and was found in Nov 2008.


The classic South Indian Kongunadu cuisine forms the base for Coimbatorean food culture. Predominantly rice based with spicy gravies and nutritious vegetables. One can get a taste of the most hospitable city of South India in its kambusaadam or horse gram with rice (typically eaten in Coimbatore). Biryani is another favorite dish reserved for special occasions and weekends. Served on banana leaves, food brings communities and large families together as a strong cultural society.

The city is known for high quality vegetarian food specifically, Masala Dosa, Sambar, Mysore Pak and Filter Coffee. However, the cosmopolitan lifestyle has introduced international as well as North-Indian cuisines and you can find multi-cuisine restaurants and hotels at any given place. Whether thali or chopsuey or crispy dosas with hot sambar, Coimbatore never fails to satisfy the tastebuds.