Civilizations, Rulers and Administrators

City Twinning : Coimbatore, India – Esslingen, Germany

Esslingen Coimbatore Association (Esscom) is found under the Societies Act, 1975 to facilitate the twinning between both the cities and was found in Nov 2008.


Coimbatore was believed to be in existence prior to 3 BC where nomadic lifestyle transformed into settlements. Situated at the bank of the river Noyyal, the civilization flourished between 3 BD and 3 AD. The most predominant tribe of the Sangam age, Kosars of Kongu Nadu, were invaded by Rashtrakutas followed by Cholas in the 10th century. The succeeding kingdoms were Chalukyas, Pandyas, Madhurai Sultanate Vijayanagaras. The Kongu region was then occupied by Mysore rulers. After the fall of Tipu Sultan, the region was directly controlled by the East India Company. Till 1947, Coimbatore remained under British control or The Raj who introduced systematic revenue administration.