City Twinning : Coimbatore, India – Esslingen, Germany

Esslingen Coimbatore Association (Esscom) is found under the Societies Act, 1975 to facilitate the twinning between both the cities and was found in Nov 2008.


Cosmopolitan Coimbatore has a growing population that is well aware of the latest fashion trends and keeps in line with the changing times. The difficulty lies only in wondering how to pick a few from the choicest collections of cotton, silks, terracotta and, of course, captivating jewellery designs in gold, platinum, silver, and precious gems. The malls provide a relaxed shopping experience for the brand-conscious customers with something for everyone – be it fashionistas or traditional shoppers.

Handicraft exhibitions and fairs from different states bring in the hardworking weavers’ creations directly to customers. These exhibitions showcase the skilled craft work from all across India where the creators themselves put up stalls to sell their beautiful creations in silk, bamboo, jute, cotton, and other materials.

Specific streets of Coimbatore cater to a specific commercial market – Oppanakara Street offers electronics, clothes and everything in between. The Cross Cut road meets the fashion needs of people at an affordable price tag. Stainless steel showrooms with gleaming utensils sell everything from a safety pin to the largest anda (kitchen utensil) all under one roof. RS Puram has high end stores which sell big brands in furniture, housing, clothing, and gadgets with multicuisine restaurants to cater to the hungry shopper! Town hall, an area for economical shopaholics is a wholesale market for groceries, pulses, rice, wheat, cosmetics, grooming accessories and gadgets, and everything else under the sun!

Shopping season, Aadi, during mid-July till mid-August comes 2 months before Diwali and offers large discounts on sarees and clothing bringing in the womenfolk in droves and sends housewives into a tizzy with all the shopping!